How to send us your story

There are two ways you can share your story with us. You can:

Email us your story

This is the easiest way to tell us your story. Send us an email if you have chosen to write the answers to our list of questions .

Email your answers to: contact(at)

Don’t forget to tell us what name you would like us to refer to you by.

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Drawings of a woman dancing with a big pen and a bottle of ink from Red Rag 12
Artist Unknown, ‘Dancing Women’, Red Rag, 12 (1977), pp. 2-4.

Send us your story by “file transfer”

If you have chosen to make a sound recording or a video, you will have to send it as a “file transfer”. This is because video and sound files can sometimes be too big to send by email.

We use which allows you to send files really easily.

When your sound or video file is ready, head over to WeTransfer and fill in the simple form with your details:

Add your file and press the big “Transfer” button.

The transfer will begin once you have verified your email, and afterwards, you will get en email from WeTransfer to say your file transfer has been successful and when we have downloaded it.

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How to make a sound file

How to make a video file